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There’s no sign of Champagne losing its top slot as a the people’s choice.

Non Vintage, Vintage, Premier Cru, Grand Cru, Blancs de Blancs, Blancs de Noirs, Non-dosé, Brut… there’s a Champagne style for everyone. For the sommelier it’s all about when it’s served, and what with.

The first glass – to relax and ease – the customer into the meal sets the tone. Then the Champagne that goes with the starter to lift and delight the palate? A spoiling post-prandial glass à la français? Each style and producer has its place and style has to hit the spot.

Sommelier Edit judges are out to find the best award-winning, examples.

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Native Italian Reds 2024

Entry Deadline: 7 March, 2024
Results Due: April, 2024
Entry Price: £149
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