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Low-emission Wines

Award category description

Sustainability and reducing emissions are at the top of all our agendas today.
Explaining and getting customers and guests to understand the importance of enjoying low emission wines is becoming a key aspect the sommelier’s job.
Wines in this category must demonstrate the winery’s clear and structured approach to emission reduction in its production. This includes demonstrable sustainable, regenerative and /or organic vineyard practices, a carbon footprint for the wine or proof that the producer is working hard to reduce carbon emissions in the production of the wine.
Entrants will need to show evidence that the wine has a carbon footprint, that the producer is working to reduce emissions and/or that it holds a certification from one of the following organisations; International Wineries for Climate Action, B Corp, SBTi, Wineries for Climate Protection.
Carbon neutral wines are the ultimate aim…if you have a wine that is carbon neutral and you want it to feature on then finest lists in the land then you can enter.
Entry Deadline: 24 May, 2024
Results Due: June, 2024

How to apply

Four simple steps to submit your products to the awards.

Create an Account

Registration here and sign up for a free account to manage all your entries.

Complete product information

Submit a new product entry to add details for each of your products.

Send it in

Using the instructions provided, package up each of your wines/spirits and send them to the warehouse.

Receive your Award

Once your wine is judged, you will be able to see your results on your dashboard.

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