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Who we are

Sommelier Edit Awards: created by the leading platform for the next generation of drinks professionals.

The place where the best sommeliers and bartenders showcase their expertise and enjoy the world’s most exceptional drinks.

An international platform that has created its own award programme to discover the very best products – wines, spirits, no or lo – available in the UK each year. Sommelier Edit connects the love of wine with the people who serve it and those who want to learn more

A network of like-minded individuals who want to learn about wine, its care and service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sommelier Edit Awards: recognising and rewarding the very best wines and drinks available, or looking for listings, in UK hospitality right now.

The categories are made up of the top-selling wines and drinks in on-premise today: regions, varietals, spirits, sparklings… judged by professional sommeliers and bartenders who are members of Sommelier Edit.

We welcome entries  from importers and producers as each category will be open to those products on lists and/or those looking to be listed.

Our award categories are created by demand from the judges. The categories are an accurate representation of what sommeliers and on-trade buyers are currently looking to stock.

Sommelier Edit Awards are designed to create a set of award winners that matter to on-trade buyers. Each season new award categories are created that mirror current and emerging trends. The results ultimately offer consumers a curated list of how to select the right wine at the table.

Designed to keep up with ever evolving buying behaviours, Sommelier Edit Awards are managed to support the on-trade in securing new business opportunities.

The Sommelier Edit Awards launched in July 2023.

Closing date to submit entries varies for each category and rotate throughoutthe year to reflect the seasons. Check each award category for details.

Delivery deadline will be published on each award cagtegory.

Results published quarterly, see different categories of interest for details.

Entrants can easily track all their entries, deadlines and results within their account.

Cost of entry 

£149 per wine (excluding 20%, VAT where applicable)
3 bottles (75cl) of each wine required.

Payment options

Within your online account you will be able to process payments via the secure system and manage your details safely.

Delivery details

Information on when and where to send your wines will be provided in your online account.

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Sommelier Edit judges are professional sommeliers who are currently working at the sharp end of the restaurant business in the UK today.

Each category will be judged by an expert team of sommeliers with extensive tasting skills and experience in relation to the category they are judging.

All products will be tasted blind.  The Trade Price/DPD (ex-VAT) will be declared for each product which will be awarded a score out of 100.

Judges will be looking for the best wines in a given category and will take typicity of style and value for money, in relation to price point, into consideration.

By submitting your wine/spirit/drink into one of the Sommelier Edit’s tastings you have the following benefits:

  1. Your product is being recognised by the best sommeliers in the UK
  2. Good scores give your product prominence in promotion
  3. Stand out:  individual category and special awards highlight the excellence of your product in an on-premise setting
  4. Individual tasting notes: highlight the suitability of the product at a particular price or to match with particular foods.

The Sommelier Edit Awards rewards and recognises. Being a part of them gives buyers a number of great reasons to buy and list award winning wines, spirits and drinks.

There are three elements to the results process:

1 – Category Awards

Rewarding the best wines in an individual category. Wines and drinks will only be sorted and tasted with similar products, based on the criteria outlined when submitting and entry.

2 – Point Scoring

Products will be scored out of 100. The highest scoring wines will be awarded Best in Class/Category in each category.

3 – Judges’ Recommendations and tasting notes

Each judging team will award individual awards for their outstanding suitability to be served in an on-premise setting. This could include categories such as best house wine, best wine by the glass, best sparkling wine by the glass, best wine for larger formats, etc. These awards will be given according to the category and decided at time of judging.

The judges’ decision is final.

Certificate and Score

When the judging has taken place you will receive a certificate and points score logo to display and promote.

Tasting Note

You will also receive an individual tasting note for all of the products you have entered into the competition.

Digital Ads Campaign

Every Sommelier Edit Award entry will be part of an extensive promotional campaign which will be across social media platforms and the Sommelier Edit site.

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