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The restaurant-focused wine and spirits competition that rewards top quality drinks in the UK’s best restaurants, bars and hotels.

A point of difference

Sommelier Edit Awards (SEA) showcases the very best wines and drinks on restaurant lists in the UK today.

The SEAs have seasonal categories to reflect current wine list updates and drinks trends, ensuring your wines are awarded at the right time to stand out.

Judged by our Top 100 Sommelier members and top professionals who work front of house will define the quality wines and drinks that excel in this unique area of hospitality.

Sommelier Edit Awards recognises and rewards the very best wines and drinks available, or are looking to gain listings, in the UK.

Sommelier Edit Awards maximises the value of its entries by:

  • giving scores and individual tasting notes
  • benchmarking products in the most popular and important categories on a list
  • seeking out the outstanding products that excel in a particular area of the list: best house wine, best wine for larger formats, best non-alcoholic and much more

Professional awards

Why enter your wines into a competition with hundreds, perhaps thousands of other entrants. When you can stand out in a specific category that gives your results purpose.

Why we're different

Top 100 Sommeliers
Sommelier Edit Award judges are all UK Top 100 Sommeliers or approved Professional Members of Sommelier Edit.

Rigour, standards and sales
We’re not the only on-trade awards, but we are the most rigorous and commercially viable. Sommelier Edit Awards puts your wines in front of UK sommeliers who make the buying decision.

On-trade only
Sommelier Edit Awards specialise solely on the on-trade. The wines are tasted with restaurant and hotel wine lists in mind. Sommelier Edit Awards do not consider retail listings, specialist or otherwise.

Unprecedented access to sommeliers with buying power
The awards are promoted to Sommelier Edit’s membership carefully curated, active database working sommeliers across the UK. We know who we are talking to, and we have direct access to wine professionals with buying power.

Seasonal editions
The awards have a rolling calendar, to target seasonal priorities on a wine list, wine release in different parts of the world and the times in the year when major list changes are made. We do not judge just once a year.

Taste the winning wines
All remaining wines that are entered but not tasted will be included in exclusive tastings for our members, giving the wines double exposure to sommeliers. A chance for your wines to be tasted by a wider audience in a more commercial setting. Virtual tastings, for smaller groups, will be arranged to put the wining wines directly in front of the right people.

Sommelier Edit Awards are low emission awards. We will not be wasting paper and ink, publishing booklets. All wines will be featured prominently on, throughout the year, via our easy reference system. In addition, we will hold judging sessions at source and launched the low-emission wine awards category for spring 2024.

The very best quality wines, spirits and drinks, recommended by the very best sommelier judges.

Award Categories

Burgundy Alternatives

Entry Deadline: 24 May, 2024
Results Due: June, 2024
Entry Price: £149
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